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Ọlawale Ọlọfọrọ (born Ọlawale Ashimi Ibrahim) the music legend known professionally as Brymo is a quintessence portrait of the popular saying that days of little beginning paves way for a greater end. Born into an average family of an intra-ethnic married man and woman on the 9th day in the month of May 1986, in Okokomaiko, Lagos State as the first and only child of his parents, he completed his elementary and secondary education in a school in his community. At the completion of his basic education, he was initially lackadaisical and had zero intention of pursuing a degree, but he ended up at Lagos State University (LASU) to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Zoology. Owning to the fact that his father practiced Islamic religion, he learned how to read and recite the Holy Quran at a very young age, in between getting a formal primary and secondary education.

a music freak studying zoology sounds ridiculous and a real waste of time so he probably thought before he quit his quest on becoming a zoologist and directed every energy in him towards the road his passion fueled-music, hence his journey towards stardom began. There might be a need for a popcorn and tepid cola for you at this juncture though (LOL). Pardon me for keeping you in dark about these, he recorded his first song titled future in 1999 while in secondary school, and in 2002, he formed a music group consisting of a couple of his friends called The Aliens the group was in existence for about two (2) to three (3) years before it got dissolved in 2005 due to reasons unknown.

2007 remains a notable year of his career as a musician, Yes! because he released his first ever album titled brymstone! Although there exist numerous criticism of the album being a failed work, even its singer confirmed it in an interview with The sun. He said he lost a one-million naira deal because of technical issues and also a failure in management ruined his chances of getting deals off the album however the album did him good in the sense that it brought him to the limelight of the music world. Not long after the birth of brymstone he got a feature from Ice Prince in one song off his album everybody loves Ice Prince. Performing the hook of this said song was a blessing to our ears and hearts because he did a good job with his charming voice, before the twinkle of an eye, Oleku became an anthem in the mouth of every music lover thus enhancing his fame which was spreading like wildfire. Xoxo to Ice Prince for this chance he gave Brymo.

Funnily enough that same year, Denrele linked him up with M.I Abaga (who was on the search for the amazing talent blowing minds effortlessly with his voice and charisma) within splits of a second, he got a record deal with Chocolate City Records which followed the release of another work titled the son of a carpenter which he said reminded him so much of where he came from justifiably because his Father was into carpentry. Another unusual yet amazing thing about this album is that it comprises three songs with features from Pryse, Ice Prince, Jesse Jagz, and M.I in a single song titled Chocolate. Lest I forget, this beautiful album produced an evergreen anthem titled Ara (Wonders). Ara truly did a lot Ara for him at the 2012 Hip Hop World Awards also Known as The Headies Award.

Ever since his prominence became a reality in the music world, he has since then always proven to be the best in his aesthetics and has unique characteristics when it comes to analyzing him as a recording artist. Aside from the fact that he is a poet, author, and songwriter his genre of music is considered enigmatic, folktale, and metaphysical (no hyperbole intended). Brymo also appreciates mother nature and considers love as necessary while he always lays emphasis on pressing life issues.

So far, he is the Nigerian artiste with the most number of works, which he attained with no or little support from other artists. Take a look at his studio albums; Trance, Merchant Dealers and Slaves, Tabula Rasa, Yellow, Oso, 9(Esan), 9(Harmattan and Winter), Son of Kapenta, Brymstone, Theta, e.t.c and prove me otherwise. As of recent, he talked about recording an amapiano (which he is so eager to share and we also are in high anticipation). Another song from him that seems impending is a collaboration with Asa. Whether going solo or duet, one thing we are overconfident about is that Brymo doesn’t disappoint in delivering good music to us all and that we are proud of.

Irrefutable, regardless of whose ardent fan you are, Brymo has the key to your heart in the sense that he has a song for you and for every mood. This amazing son of a carpenter I stan! What about you?

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