FUOYE Graduate, Hanseza Wilfred has embarked on a journey to set a new Guinness World Record by ironing continuously for 150 hours

Hanseza Wilfred

Hanseza Wilfred, a 26-year-old graduate of Civil Engineering from Federal University, Oye-Ekiti, has embarked on a quest to achieve a new Guinness World Record for the Longest Ironing Time.

Commencing his marathon endeavor precisely at 10 am on Monday, January 29, 2024, at Oh La La Café in Isaba Ekiti, located within the Ikole Local Government area of Ekiti State, Hanseza aims to continuously iron clothes for a minimum of 150 hours, surpassing the existing record of 100 hours.

Originally from Naka, Benue State, this talented engineer stated, “I have initiated a clothing submission process, and I have already received a substantial number of garments. The submission of clothes will continue throughout the entire event.”

With a natural aptitude for ironing, Hanseza aspires to establish a new record by completing a minimum of 150 hours of non-stop ironing, surpassing the current record of 100 hours achieved by Gareth Sanders in Bristol, UK, in October 2015, who presently holds the Guinness World Record for the Longest Marathon Ironing.

The graduate from FUOYE expressed his intention to raise awareness about the significance of ironing by aiming to become a Guinness World Record holder for the Longest Ironing Time. He stated, “I am fully prepared to undertake this endeavor by the established rules and regulations.” “The achievement of a previous individual in this field serves as ample motivation. Moreover, I highly value the qualities of persistence and endurance. Before pursuing this Guinness World Record, I have engaged in numerous ironing marathons.”

Hanseza stated that the anticipated crowd gathered to cheer him on during his quest to establish a new Guinness World Record for the Longest Ironing Time, would not divert his attention from achieving his goal. On the contrary, he believed that their presence would help him stay focused.

He also mentioned that his marathon ironing session would be broadcast live on Facebook, X, and Instagram, under the username Hanseza Wilfredo.

The management of Oh La La Cafe, the chosen venue for the Press-A-thon, appealed for support for Hanseza in his pursuit of the Guinness World Record. They expressed their honor in hosting Hanseza Wilfred, who had been accepted for the challenge of achieving the Longest Ironing Time.

“In celebration of our 3rd month anniversary, we cordially invite the community to rally behind Haseza Wilfred. Spread the word, bring your clothes for ironing, and join us in commemorating this historic event!

“As part of this extraordinary endeavor, we encourage the general public to submit their clean clothes for ironing. Our café will remain open 24/7 throughout the event, serving delightful food and beverages to the audience, while cheering them on towards victory.

“The Oh Là Là Café team is dedicated to ensuring that your dining experience is as unforgettable as this record-breaking attempt,” stated the management.

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